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Custom Plans for your Food Service Business

We’re committed to and capable of delivering unmatched service for your company during these difficult times because we know how to get your company 100% compliant and operationally-ready for any disaster. We are the unquestioned leader in the industry, so take advantage of our expertise, training, and years of experience working with food service businesses like like yours!


Whatever your Restaurant Needs

Compliance Plan
  • Fed./State/Local Requirements
  • Evacuation Plan
  • Maps and Tables
  • Low Monthly Fee
  • 100% Customized
Operations Plan
  • Evacuation/SIP/Lockdown
  • Crisis Communication Plan
  • Risk Assessment
  • Low Monthly Fee
  • 100% Customized
  • Step-by-Step Response
  • 15+ Plans Available
  • Full Maps, Tables and Graphs
  • Low Monthly Fee
  • 100% Customized



Hytropy plans contain valuable documents, training, and other customized tools specific to the disaster you are facing. You get only what you need, and nothing you don't!
You will receive a disaster plan threat annex (Earthquake Plan, Active Shooter Plan, etc.) that will provide a step-by-step guided walk-through on how to respond to the incident for your facility. You will also get a:
Customized Step-by-Step Disaster Plans
24/7/365 Online Training for all employees
Maps, Tables, and Community Posters
Full Crisis Communication Plan (Employees, Media, Guests)
Digital and Mobile Access on the Disaster Hawk Mobile App (iOS/Android)
Certified Emergency Manager and Certified Business Continuity Specialist Management
100% Monthly Updating Suite
30-Day Completion Guarantee


With Monthly Updates

Whereas our competitors would charge you on an hourly basis, we deliver value by basing prices on the individual project. Whereas our competitors update plans annually, we’re constantly checking ever-changing government regulations and official websites to update your plan on a monthly basis. And whereas our competitors charge up-front fees plus add-ons, a small annual fee earns you our all-inclusive service.
We strongly encourage corporations with multiple entities to get in touch to discuss how we can cater to your needs with bulk pricing, plan integration and merging, and more. Give us a call at 1(800) 914-7634, or click the button below to chat now.
24/7/365 Superior Customer Support - We are here when you need us!
Our cutting-edge 24/7/365 Small Business Emergency Operations Center monitors emergency operations centers, national weather bureaus, and Homeland Security alerts, scanning for the latest disasters nationwide so that we are ready to serve you.
Customize powerful tools
previously reserved
Fortune 500 Companies & national conglomerates.
Compliance Plan

Your property can be required to show the capability to deal with disaster on local, state, and federal levels. Our custom compliance plan does this for you. In fact, we’ll stay by your side throughout the compliance process to ensure success. With Hytropy, your compliance is guaranteed...

How good are we? In more than a decade delivering compliance plans, our clients have NEVER been rejected.
Choose your threat
let's get started!
Break Glass in Emergency .
Operations Plan

Fully customized to your specific property, this operations plan is the foundation for your preparation, response, and recovery regarding any disaster situation. Whereas the compliance plan is the decorative sword you use to display your preparedness and capability, the operations plan is the sword you take into battle.
Threat Plan

Built from the core of the emergency operations plan, each aspect of the threats plan will deliver compliance and an actionable response to a specific type of disaster. How will your team handle a hurricane? What about an active shooter? Every emergency requires a different course of action, and we create a comprehensive plan that guides each person with easy-to-follow directions.
Why Choose Hytropy:
There are two core reasons why every size and kind of food service business chooses Hytropy…
We do everything for you.
You hire us, and it’s done. Including full compliance, we’ll hand you everything you need from the moment of the disaster, through the response, and to the recovery. As soon as you say “Yes” to a Hytropy disaster plan, you can consider your disaster preparedness and response taken care of. Our deliverables include emergency planning, business continuity, and risk analysis in an easily digestible and usable package.
Our world-class disaster plans are the most innovative, effective, and exhaustive.
We invented emergency plans that are now considered standard in the industry! Hytropy has spoken at food service industry associations such as the California Restaurant Association from around the United States, and we are renowned for our customer service and the quality of our disaster plans. Armed with Hytropy plans, your business will be prepared to meet any disaster with a foundation for continued success.
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