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Threat Plan - Bomb Threat and Explosion
Threat Plan - Bomb Threat and Explosion

Bomb Threat or Explosion Plan

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A Bomb Threat or Explosion are some of the most horrific disasters that any business can experience. The chaos and high potential for loss of life is almost unthinkable. However insurmountable as it may seem, these kinds of events can be managed with the right policies and procedures. This Bomb Threat and Explosion Plan provides you with the Preparedness, Response, and Recovery framework necessary to address this potential reality and help prevent overwhelm, giving you the piece of mind you need when you need it the most.

To do so, this plan will deliver step-by-step detailed:

  • Bomb Threat Procedures
  • Crisis Communication Messages
  • Explosion Evacuation and Lockdown Procedures
  • Anti-Terrorism Strategies
  • Suspicious Package Diagrams

...and each is tailored to your specific business.

A bomb threat or explosion will require significant coordination and mature strategy, which is why we have forged a powerful disaster plan that you can use during a shooting that occurs of any type. Any shooting at your business is going to challenge you like no other, so the appropriate action during one event could mean life or death in another. But with this innovative and revolutionary document, you’ll be 100% prepared to prepare for, respond to, and recover from any event like this.

The Emergency Response Steps alone could save lives and prevent thousands of dollars worth of property damage!

Don't wait until you see smoke or see the hills on fire before getting your full plan together!

REACT: The Moments After a Mass Shooting Begins

The first 60 seconds of reacting to a bomb threat or explosion are critical to saving the lives of yourself, your staff, and your guests. This plan includes what you will need to navigate and lead your property to through those first few minutes that will define the entire event. We provide details steps on preparing for this event with lockdown procedures, sheltering, barricade strategies, and custom steps for you and your staff as part of your plan.

RESPOND: Sheltering and Evacuation

Preparing for an explosion will require locking the facility down and then evacuating with law enforcement authorities. After that, there will need to be a coordinated response for both physical as well as psychological casualties at your facility. Furthermore, the communication to off-site employees, vendors, guests, ownership, the media, and the general public will be complex and require a massive response. With employees and guests going to the hospital, decisions will need to be made quickly and effectively after the a Bomb Threat or Explosion ends. You will have the keys to success with this plan.

RESPOND: Making a Thousand Decisions at Once

A thousand decisions will need to be made after the shooting is over. How should you deal with physical and psychological casualties? What does each member of your team do? Who do they contact first? How do they handle injuries, first responders, emergency equipment, etc.? When an evacuation is ordered, what’s the first step every team member should take? What about when the evacuation route changes? What if the perpetrator was an employee?

By evaluating every possible aspect of a wildfire threat, this revolutionary document will include a decision tree that delivers precise guidance to every scenario in simple “if this happens, you do this” language. Your team members will also have custom press releases, custom staff memos, a custom call sheet (with phone numbers and procedures).

RECOVER: Successfully Navigating Post-Explosion

With the right planning, you can recover from a Bomb Threat or Explosion! However, the planning documentation and other elements will be complex and require a multi-faceted strategy. Physical damage, staff dislocation, guest disorientation and stress can cause a good leadership strategy to fall apart if not managed properly. We provide you the success principles so that each business process is fully ready so you take control back from the explosion aftermath. We'll help you get back in business fast! you get back in business fast!

24/7/365 Customer Emergency Support Hotline

Your custom Wildfire Plan will be developed by disaster management specialists who’ve earned the premier certifications in our industry. Those same specialists will be standing by to assist you in any way possible through our 24/7/365 Business Emergency operations center to help you live.

24/7/365 Physical, Online & Mobile Access

In addition to on-hand binders, this a Bomb Threat or Explosion threat plan will be delivered online via an encrypted portal that allows for the secure download of all documentation. And through our secure mobile app, Disaster Hawk, you and your team members can gain full access to the plan from your phone.

And all of this for a low annual fee!

All this is now available for your park!
We write our plans so that anyone can quickly pick up the plan and access the powerful tools within it!
We give you instant access to some of the most advanced and powerful tools in disaster preparedness and global business continuity to ensure you have the best tools available. This plan includes:
  • Bomb Threat Response
  • Explosion Evacuation Plan
  • First Responder Management
  • Mitigation
  • Timing and Recovery
  • Crisis Communication
Yes! We help you do it!
Templates are useless! Select one of our money-saving options and a Certified Emergency Manager TM will work with your staff to get the documents and information necessary to make it 100% customized to your park!
Keep Your Plan 100% UPDATED!!!
Yes! We help you do it!
You will get even more, as we will keep it updated constantly, which exceeds the state requirements by 365x !!!
Custom Support 24/7/365!!!
Yes! We help you do it!
With this plan, you get exclusive access to our 24/7 Emergency Custom Support Hotline!
That's right! That means you get 24/7 support, advice and assistance during a survey so that you get what you need right away! This is typically reserved for large management companies, now available for your park!
The full weight of Hytropy will be there with you every step along the way, exclusively at your service 24/7/365!
With other companies/consultant, this would cost you tens of thousands of dollars and may not include everything!

All of the above and more will be delivered via an encrypted portal, meaning your documentation will be secure and downloadable.

So, when a disaster strikes, you’ll have every last document you need to respond safely and effectively. *See our Terms and Conditions

We also take care of your compliance needs!
This plan will address any state and federal regulations

So you don't have to worry!

And you can have all this for a low annual fee.

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