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Museum 360° Disaster Plans (Gold)
Museum 360° Disaster Plans (Gold)

360° Disaster Plan (Gold)
Our Price: $900.00
Special Instructions: For facilities with more than 50 employees, please contact us!

Product Code: 1611

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Disaster Strikes!

How should your company REACT?
How should your company RESPOND?
How should your company RECOVER?

Second count in the immediate moments to protect life and safety. Decisions you and your staff make in those moments could decide whether the facility recovers or dissolves.

The 360° Gold Plan (which includes all the Bronze and Silver Plans) outlines step-by-step procedures for you and your staff to be completed after the disaster is over. This plan will build on our three "C"s of success, Command, Communicate, and Carry-Out from our Bronze and Silver Plans, and lays out the continuity steps to ensure the facility’s critical functions, processes, and resources are able to recovery from the disaster. All this is now available for your company!

Worried about compliance?

In 7 years in business, not a single disaster plan has ever been rejected by a regulatory agency!

We give you instant access to some of the most advanced and powerful tools in disaster preparedness and global business continuity. This plan includes recovery of:

• Critical Functions (Office)
• Critical Functions (Front)
• Building Infrastructure and Envelope
• Parking Areas
• IT
• Vendors and Staffing
• Critical Administrative Functions
• Customer Areas

Want us to save you hundreds of hours trying to customize the plan?

Great! We can do it!

Templates are useless (and cannot be made compliant) unless they are totally customized! Select one of our money-saving options and a Certified Emergency Manager™ will work with your staff to get the documents and information necessary to make it 100% customized to your facility!

Want us to keep your plan from becoming obsolete?

Great! We can do that!
We will keep it updated every month!!!

Want us to provide live, 24/7/365 disaster response support?

Great! We can do that!

With this package, you get exclusive access to the only 24/7/365 Small Business Emergency Operations Center in the world!

That means you and your staff get 24/7 support in a disaster for advice and assistance typically reserved for large management companies and major governments, now available for your company!

The full weight of Hytropy
will be there with you every step along the way,
exclusively at your service 24/7/365!

With other companies/consultants, this would cost you tens of thousands of dollars and may not include everything!

Questions? Give us a call or chat with us!

1(800) 914-7634

†Not a guarantee of recovery or compliance. Statistic based upon a general average of US law. Please see our terms and conditions for details.

†When facility purchased a gold package, completed all document requests, interviews, and recommendations from Hytropy on the timeline.

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